The Woolen Bomberjacket

Make a statement with our woolen bomber jacket made from beautiful woolen blankets. These blankets are carefully selected by us on color combinations and prints. Stand out with your own bomber jacket with these great prints and colors.

The Woolen Coat

Disappear delightfully away in our super soft and warm Woolen Coat. With this nice long coat, you don't have to worry about getting cold. And on top of this, you would be the only one with this unique coat since only one product of each blanket is produced.

The Woolen Spencer

Throw our woolen spencer easily over your clothes and enjoy the warmth that the 100% woolen spencer gives. In addittion, the spencer is a fun and fashionable addition to your outfit.

The Woolen Top

Spice up your outfits and complete them with our woolen tops with their great prints and varied colors. The wool tops are easy to combine and can be worn on anything. Go crazy and choose beautiful and unusual prints with bright colors and special color combinations or go for an easy to match top.

The Woolen Keychain

Match with your woolen Redikly products with these matching keychains. Find the keychain made from the same fabric as your product to completely match. Or can't get enough of all the fun prints and go for a completely different one.

The Woolen Kids Jacket

Match your own child now with these super cute kids jackets. On request, the products can be made for you and your child from the same fabric.