About us

The founder of Redikly

Hi, I’m Isa. Great to see you on the Redikly website! This probably means you’re just as passionate about fashion as I am. 

To pursue my passion I study Fashion & Textile Technologies at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Enschede. This study opened my eyes to the other side of the fashion industry. Where we pay workers almost nothing to produce cheap clothing in horrible working conditions. Only to satisfy our never ending urge to keep consuming. While a big part of all garments end up in landfill or get burned, sometimes even before someone ever wore the piece. The negative effect on the environment caused by the (fast) fashion industry is ridiculous. 

That’s why I founded Redikly.

At Redikly we strive to make the fashion industry beautiful again.

Take a look at our first collection. We reused blankets made from 100% wool. They have gorgeous color combinations and prints. Making every piece unique. All of our products are tailer made with love in our studio in Enschede.

Isa Kempers


Made with love in our own atelier in the Netherlands. This way we can offer full transparency about our production process.


Reuses beautiful textiles and gives them a second life in new valued products.


Every product is unique, no one wears the same product.

High quality fabrics

Uses high quality fabrics made with traditional craftsmanship.